Choosing an internet provider

Many folks are now choosing an ISP. Some have had a smooth experience, for others it’s been more challenging.

Issues seem to have arisen because of
-    advice originally sought by individuals from Openreach has not been deliverable in practice
-    incorrect assumptions about what a new fibre service / provider might deliver     

Deciding on a new service can be complicated. There are several providers, different services, various bundles, and a myriad of deals.

And that’s before you consider what to do about broadband, line rental, linked TV, linked mobile, office facilities etc.

Everybody is different.

OpenReach is only about the delivery of fibre infrastructure to your door.  They can point you to suppliers, including BT, but they cannot give you the specific advice that you might need. And they do not have detailed knowledge of what is available from BT – you must go to BT for that.

You can only get this advice by talking in detail to your existing and new providers. And being clear about what you want from a new provider ie broadband, TV, mobile, landline etc.   

-    be clear about what you want from a service / provider
-    talk in detail to your existing and new providers to see if you can get it
-    if you cannot, then find a compromise or a route that takes you to what you want over say the next year
-    AND ONLY THEN, sign up with a new provider

We are still waiting to hear from BT about whether BT landline users can move their existing landline telephone number onto fibre. This needs Garve and Achnasheen exchanges to be enabled to do it, a commercial decision by BT, not Openreach. (We covered this issue in our FAQs in May – see

•    If they DO enable the exchange, you will be able to move your BT landline number onto fibre
•    If they DO NOT enable the exchange, and you want to move your phone from BT landline to fibre, then you will need a new telephone number
•    You can of course continue with your BT landline through your copper line, but then you will need a broadband only service from any new non-BT supplier

If you have come across an issue in your own transfer to fibre, then please sign up to the website and post your issue together with how you have got round it. Other people might benefit from your experience.
But please – no rants! Keep it constructive).

We hope your journey is a smooth one.
The Team - Garve and District Broadband