Sptember 2018 - Update 5

The latest update on how work is progressing is below, with the updated map.

Deadline for self-dig invoices:  we will need all self-dig invoices by 31 December 2018.
Invoices received after this date will not be honoured.

Please note the terms for claiming your grant are, to remind you, at: https://www.achnasheenandgarve.com/2018/06/garve-and-district-broadband-self-dig.html
don't forget to sign and date your invoice(s), and complete your application form - any submissions will be returned if our guidelines are not followed. And therefore payment will be delayed. We need this to be done for auditing purposes.

Your neighbours and friends involved in the project: it's faster, easier and less expensive for us to email all updates (as well as publishing here and garve.org) - but if you know your neighbour has email and is currently receiving postal updates from us, please ask them to sign up to receive email updates, at http://eepurl.com/diAxt1
Thank you.

In addition, Openreach has produced a film about the project - we thought we'd share it with you: https://www.homeandbusiness.openreach.co.uk/news/achnasheen

Everything is progressing well across the community (well done to all you self-diggers!!).

The Achnasheen network (1) has now been fully commissioned and all 32 premises can order an FTTP service.

Network 2 and 3 updates are shown below.

You can get in touch with us by email at:
by post at: 1 Bignold Place, Achnasheen IV22 2EG.