The Board seeks four new Directors. It has four already, but needs another four to reach eight allowed by our Articles.

Please think about joining us. You will be at the heart of deciding how the community’s needs will be met. And how everyone’s well-being will be improved.

You will play a unique role in regenerating and developing the community in which you live and work. For the benefit of everyone living in it. Now and in the future. 

What’s the company for?

The company has a vision of a self-sustaining community where everyone leads the fulfilled life they seek.

Its mission is to improve the social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being of individuals and businesses by identifying and meeting community needs in these areas.

It will create enterprise and projects, care for the environment, and promote the use of local resources, working with and for the local community, involving people, groups and businesses. 

What are Directors responsible for?

The Board of Directors is responsible for:
•         Strategic and business planning to create a business plan meeting the needs of the community
•         Commissioning a programme of new projects and upgrading existing community assets to meet these needs
•         Monitoring projects to keep them on track
•         Ensuring the company is run properly
•         The financial well-being of the company 
How much time does it take?

The Directors’ responsibility is to make sure things get done, not to do them themselves. There will be a development officer and administration support.  Projects will be delegated to a project officer, a sub-committee or a community group. Each Director may have a leading oversight of a particular project. Reports will be prepared for the Board. 

So it will not take as much time as you would think. Once up and running, during the first twelve months, the time commitment for Directors will be
•         Up to a maximum of two hours a week
•         A two hour board meeting once a month
It’s an opportunity for you too

You will have the opportunity to
•         Use your existing skills for the benefit of your community, and to acquire more skills
•         Get training on how to be a top-notch Director

You are not expected to be an expert. We welcome all people who are willing to give their time.