Draft Minutes of Garve & District Community Council meeting held 4th Aug 2015 in Garve Village Hall

Present: Kenny MacLean (Chairman), Jean Hollingdale (Secretary), Jean Bailey (Treasurer), Jennifer Haslam, Sue Tarr (Minute Sec), Bob Moir; Cllr Biz Campbell; Grant Folley (EDF) & Val MacIver (Platform PR); Richard Johnson (MNV Consulting); Sarah Jones (Community Broadband Scotland); 9 members of public.
The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.
Apologies: Eliza Leslie Melville, Ruari Matheson, Cllr Cockburn, Angus Harley, Tom Wheeler.
Declarations of Interest: none.
Chairman’s Comments: Best wishes to residents of the area who are not well. Congratulations to the local SWI ladies on their success at the Bulb and Baking Show. Sarah Bedwell, chair of the Parent Council apologises for not being able to attend G&DCC meetings but thanks us for the support. Congratulations to Helen Murchison of Lochcarron CC who has received the British Empire Medal. The Chairman attended the inaugural meeting of Wyvis Natural Playpark group which has 9 members and would like to build a safe playpark area locally. G&DCC members attended the EDF Liaison Group meeting. There will be no Church of Scotland service at Kinlochluichart Church on 16th or 30th Aug.
All G&DCC agendas, minutes and dates of future meetings are available on the website  They are also available at Garve PO, on Achnasheen Village notice board, in the AGNV and on the AGNV website, direct from the Secretary on, tel/fax 01997 414201 and at every G&DCC meeting. Correspondence should be directed to
Approval of the minutes of meeting held 7th July 2015: proposed by Jennifer Haslam; seconded by Jean Hollingdale.
Strathvaich Estate Hydro Schemes: Richard Johnson (MNV Consulting) gave an outline of the proposed schemes with photos and maps. Strathvaich is a wilderness area and the estate owner is very protective of this and requires that the hydro scheme areas have to be fully restored after the work is done. A small hydro scheme was applied for one year ago and approved; amendments have been applied for. This first scheme has given a feel for progressing on to some bigger schemes. The location of three new schemes is on the west side of Loch Vaich, adjacent to the first scheme. All are SSSI areas and within the Beinn Dearg Special Area of Conservation. The area is used for recreation, mostly hillwalkers and cyclists. To protect the wilderness landscape it is proposed to limit the visual impact as far as possible. Each scheme has a concrete intake structure, a buried pipeline and a turbine house. The intakes will be sited as far as possible in gully areas to reduce visibility. The turbine houses will be half buried, disguised with stone facing and heather or grass roofs, and may use trees to hide them.
Environmental considerations are mainly regarding peat depth and protecting the vegetation. SNH, SEPA and HC have concerns about disturbance; blanket bog must be avoided. Ecologists have done vegetation surveys and identified areas of blanket bog. All trees are avoided as well as ant hills and other special wildlife. A site compound during construction will be located by the estate buildings. Building of access roads will be avoided and use of a tracked vehicle will avoid the need for new roads. Concrete, metalwork etc will be flown in and dropped on site. No access roads will be left and for future maintenance access will be on foot. The area is not pristine due to the large scale Hydro scheme in the valley; construction of the pipelines will be intrusive until it recovers but the contractors are skilled in restoration. During construction silt traps are used to protect watercourses. The turbines will be of the order of 500kW. Access to 2 of the turbine houses will be by barge across the loch and 1 turbine house can be accessed by an existing track.
Construction on the first approved scheme will start soon; for schemes 2,3,&4 environmental work is ongoing and a planning application will go in early 2016 with construction expected to start next year.
Q: Will you have borrow pits? No. All concrete will be brought in, but stone from the local area will be used for facing walls.
Q: What power lines will be required? There is an existing grid line to Loch Vaich Dam. Power from the turbine houses will connect to this by underground cable, partly under the loch. Expected to produce 2000 MWhr/year.
Q: Maintenance – this will be done by a local contractor and or the estate.
Q: Are there any precedents over schemes being granted in a wilderness area? There is variability in different parts of the country, but there have been successful schemes in wilderness areas.
Q: Will you build jetties on the loch to access the turbine houses? Would like to, but SNH do not want them to be permanent.
Comments included that it was impressive that the scheme would be done with minimum damage and no scars to the landscape.
The Chairman thanked Richard Johnson for the presentation.

Community Broadband Survey: 66 responses from a possible 177 households; 52 are on landlines, 7 use satellites, 3 use mobile signal and 4 have no internet connection.
60 were interested in accessing faster broadband. Landline download speeds varied throughout the area from 0.37mbps up to 7.10mbps. Satellite download speeds were between 20.0mbps and 22.0mbps. In general households want a faster more reliable service and would be willing to pay a subscription. The report can be viewed on the G&DCC website.
Sarah Jones from Community Broadband Scotland gave an update on the local BT rollout. Garve exchange is scheduled for improvement July 2016 – Dec 2016. Engineers will come and do a survey about 6 months before that work Fibre will connect a “node” to a green cabinet. The copper wires that connect houses will be routed to the green cabinet. Houses within 1km of the cabinet will have access to superfast broadband of up to 24mbps. Between 1-2km from the cabinet will have good speeds. After 2km from the cabinet, the speed drops right off.
There is an extension programme following on from 2017. BT has to make available information on which areas will be included in this and which areas won’t be, this information is expected between autumn and the end of this year. This makes planning for communities easier. Achnasheen as a cluster of premises (30-50) could justify placing of a cabinet in the extension programme. The areas between Achnasheen and Garve, and Aultguish and Inchbae are likely to need help. Options might be to “ping” radio signals along a line from the cabinet. It would be worth investigating whether Network Rail has an existing fibre cable. Kinlochewe exchange is included in the rollout next year. Other options are used in other countries, eg use of power lines to carry signal or to piggy back lines; fibre direct to premises (Expensive). Pinging works well in Norway. Several areas locally have community schemes. It would be possible to visit other schemes.
Next Steps for Community Broadband: Wait for Phase 2 info on BT plans (within the next 3 or 4 months) but in the meantime progress with more detailed scoping work for our area. G&DCC to invite members of the public to form a group to work with Sarah Jones and report back to G&DCC. There is no time limit on Community Broadband projects and they are well funded. The Treasurer to sort out expenses and complete forms for 1st Phase of work completed (household survey).
Satellite Broadband demo – Europasat held a demonstration in Garve Hall earlier today (4th Aug). 20-25 people attended. Various subscription options are available.

Matters Arising:
Resurfacing work at Gorstan and Strathgarve has been done but some areas of potholes remain. No potholes fixed at the Old Manse road yet.
Benches – a metal bench costs £528, VAT may be extra and does not include installation. Cllr Campbell suggested Porterfield make benches for around £150.
Members agreed to look at 2 benches for the new Cemetery in Garve and 1 to be placed in the village as well as a picnic table at Achnasheen. Sec to contact Porterfield for prices.
Affordable Housing – Jean Bailey, Eliza Leslie Melville, Sue Tarr and Mike Franklin are meeting with HSCHT in Inverness on 17th Aug.
LEO Scheme – No reply from Eneco. Angus Harley who communicated the removal of the rebate scheme is leaving the company this week. It is believed that Eneco is hoping to offer its own tariff later this year. G&DCC should press for something that benefits every household.
EDF – The Liaison group has been set up and had its first meeting. This will update the community on the Windfarm site and what sort of activity to expect. Work is expected to start on 17th Aug on access road and ground works. No turbines or big kit going in yet. Some stone will be imported for first stretch until the borrow pit is reached. EDF will be using General Electric turbines which will be very similar in appearance to the Siemens ones at Lochluichart. A decision on upgrading the capacity of the turbines will be known by the end of the year. The bases do not need changing depending on which turbine capacity is used. The next Liaison group meeting will be in Oct, when EDF will have ready a Transport Strategy. There will be a construction newsletter later this year. School visits etc can be arranged. G&DCC appreciated the Liaison group meeting.
PI Renewables – no update. Planning inquiry resumes 31st Aug.
Garbat Hydro scheme – Kirknewton Community Development Trust has secured CARES funding and added to it for a feasibility study; babyHydro has been commissioned to carry this forward and will be carrying out site visits this month including visiting Garbat residents to talk about their water supply. John Bedwell hopes to attend a site visit. The feasibility study should be completed in about 3 month’s time. If the project is viable then a capital investment is required – Strathpeffer/ Garve have a 51% stake in the scheme and it is suggested they apply for a 50% CARES loan with 5% capital contribution up front. Estimated scheme costs are £100k, Strathpeffer/ Garve applies for £50k loan but puts up £5000 up front. Grid connection is separate.
This raises some questions, i.e. the G&DCC share of the scheme needs to be decided, and can G&DCC enter into holding assets? Does a Development Trust need setting up? Need to remember we don’t yet know if it is a viable scheme (awaiting outcome of feasibility study) but should not waive our right as yet.
John Bedwell has drafted a letter to Kit Bowen with following points: it needs to be decided how the Strathpeffer / Garve share is split; G&DCC may look at other funding sources for their share to reduce the need for taking out a loan; needs confirmation of project viability and costs; awaiting input from the Garve Energy Scheme as it gets up and running in next few months; and to confirm in what capacity Kit Bowen is acting. Members agreed.

SSE – representatives have visited Killin farm to look at drainage issues. They have informed Network Rail of branches in railway ditches.
Garve Recycling Point – a new fence has been installed. The bottle banks haven’t been moved but a bigger one has been placed. The mud problems continue. Sec to contact June Ross to help locate the bins.
Broken fence at Loch a’Chuillin – Cllr Campbell to follow up.
Bus shelter in Garve – not fixed yet.
HC Planning Website – still temperamental.
Garve Produce Show – sponsorship money has come in.
Over 60’s Dinner – Bob Moir proposed that the dinner be held at Aultguish Inn at the end of Oct; Jean Hollingdale seconded. G&DCC should apply for part funding from LCT.
Police report: None available.

Treasurer’s report:
Total balance b/f 2644.59

Senior Citizens Fund – no change 650.72 650.72
Bench Fund – no change 100.00 100.00
Community Fund – no change 1239.53 1239.53

Treasurers Account b/f 654.34
Less J Bailey printer ink (Tesco) -11.00
Less Highland Council payment error -0.01 643.33

Carried forward £2633.58

Correspondence: By email, New Materials in Highland Blue Bins; Highland Council Budget – Third Sector Proposal Consultation; Highpoints – Highland Council new online magazine; Armed Forces Covenant Grant Scheme; June Ross – Recycle Area Garve fence; Lochcarron CC Mins; Highland Third Sector Awards – Nomination Paper; Mid Ross District Partnership – 28th August Celebrations Invitation; District Partnership Summer Workshops and Volunteer Awards 1st and 2nd August 2015 ; Highland Third Sector Interface Newsletter; Scottish Resilient Communities Conference Flier – 23rd September Edinburgh; Digital Engagement for Community Councils Fliers – 30th October Elgin; Peter Gormley – LCT; HTSI Interface Census final call; Kit Bowen – Progress Report on Kirknewton babyHydro.
By post, Local Government Boundary Commission – Scotland – Fifth Review of Local Government Electoral Arrangements- Public Consultation on Proposals for Ward Boundaries.
Members discussed emails from Peter Gormley, LCT secretary, requesting G&DCC to apply for a “Community Needs Survey” from CADISPA. The survey would cost £30-40k. CADISPA has indicated they could apply direct to LCT but would prefer to work through the community. Generated a lot of discussion. There is a lot of support for a community survey although not necessarily CADISPA. There is no information on the CADISPA survey or what its outcomes are. It was also recognised that the G&DCC area needs a development group; G&DCC and LCT are limited in what they can do to develop projects but can help to facilitate projects. Kenny MacLean proposed that G&DCC call a special meeting with representatives from LCT, EDF, Eneco, community groups and others, and seek advice on setting up a community development group; also research different organisations that can do a survey. All agreed.
Jean Hollingdale – the new wheelie bin at the Gorstan layby has gone. Sec to contact June Ross.
The fence at the football pitch in Matheson Rd has fallen over and is not safe. Sec to contact Robbie Bain.
Jean Bailey would like to set up a gardening club and hopes to collect interested names at the Garden Produce Show.
Jennifer Haslam reported that the beech trees along Station Rd need cutting back; also signs are being obscured around the village and at Garve entrance. Sec to contact Robbie Bain.
LCT is seeking permission from HC to put up a noticeboard in Garve.
Kenny Maclean had reported some rubbish being left at the Achnasheen Recycling Point. It was decided signs were not necessary.
AOB (Public): A suggestion came forward that the hall would benefit from triple glazing windows as the traffic noise makes it difficult to hear what was being said at meetings. Bob Moir to pass on to the Hall Trustees.
A member of public was interested to read of the motorbikes’ method of sending riders ahead to check the road for speedtraps, and had observed motorbikes doing this at Achnasheen and Achanalt.
A member of public enquired about opening times of Achnasheen PO as it had been closed when they went. The opening hours should be Tues 2-4pm. Problems have been noticed at Strathpeffer PO when customers have been told to come back in an hour. Problems should be alerted using the PO Customer Service line.
Screening Request for Environmental Impact Assessment: Land North West of Strathvaich Lodge, Installation of three run-of-river schemes on the Allt Glas Toll Mor, Allt Beithe and Allt Glas Toll Beag, including intakes, penstocks and power houses. Noted.
HC Consultation on Ward Boundary Changes: Ward 6 is not subject to change in number of councillors or boundaries.
Police Counter Review: Members present completed the survey.
One application has been withdrawn, Change of use to site mobile home with decking and installation of septic tank & soakaway at land 25m north of 1 Inchbae Lodge Guesthouse.
One application has been determined, Prior Notification of Agricultural Building at Lochluichart Estate – permission granted.
There are four new applications –
Land at Grudie Bridge Power Station, erection of 132kV sub-station and associated infrastructure, realignment of access track and landscaping.
Land to south of Old Free Church Manse, Gorstan, Retention of section of track
Land between Grudie & Lochluichart, Undergrounding of 33kV overhead line.
Land at Mossford, Undergrounding and repositioning of 33kV overhead line to Staff Houses
Members had no comments on these applications.

Date of next ordinary meeting:
1st Sept 2015 7pm in Achnasheen Village Hall.
Special meeting to be confirmed.
The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 10.20pm.


1.  Introductions and Apologies

2.  Declarations of interest

3.  Community Development Company

4.  Community Needs Survey

5.  AOB from CC members

6.  AOB from members of the public

7.  Date of next ordinary meeting
Tuesday 1 September 2015, 7.00pm, Achnasheen Village Hall.

The First CC Broadband working group meeting will take place on Thursday 3 September 2015 at 7.00pm in Garve Village Hall.


Draft Minutes of Garve & District Community Council meeting held 7th July 2015 in Achnasheen Village Hall

Present: Kenny MacLean (Chairman), Jean Hollingdale (Secretary), Jean Bailey (Treasurer), Eliza Leslie Melville, Jennifer Haslam, Sue Tarr (Minute Sec); Andy Russell and Don Smith (EDF); Val MacIver (Platform PR); 5 members of public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 7pm.
Apologies: Bob Moir, Ruari Matheson, Fiona Milligan, Angus Harley, Sarah Jones, Campbell Cameron, John Bedwell.
Declarations of Interest: Eliza Leslie Melville on a planning application.

Chairman’s Comments: Neither the Chairman nor Jean Bailey was able to attend the RVA AGM; G&DCC members attended the EDF drop-in in Garve Village Hall. At the HC meeting on 25th June it was agreed a £2.3m surplus would go to the road network for repairs. Over the next three years HC are looking for savings of £46m. HC is discussing the future of community councils. CC elections will be held this Nov and every 4 years; the elections are run by the HC. There will be an update of population figures; CC grants are based on population. Our membership number won’t change (8). All CC’s have 7 members plus 1 for every extra 1000 population or plus 1 if population is thin on the ground.
There will be no Church of Scotland services at Kinlochluichart on 19th July or 2nd Aug.
All G&DCC agendas, minutes and dates of future meetings are available on the website  They are also available at Garve PO, on Achnasheen Village notice board, in the AGNV and on the AGNV website, direct from the Secretary on, tel/fax 01997 414201 and at every G&DCC meeting. Correspondence should be directed to
Approval of minutes of meeting held 2nd June 2015: proposed by Jennifer Haslam and seconded by Jean Bailey.

Broadband Survey: deadline for returning the questionnaire was 30th June. 62 replies, with several offers of help or sponsorship. G&DCC felt this was a very good response and thanks to all who took the time to complete the survey. The next stage is to analyse the results. The Chairman is to consult with Community Broadband this Thurs about how that is done.
There was a query about whether G&DCC would lead the project. G&DCC will complete Stage 1 (analysing the information in the survey) and then see what the recommendations are.
Affordable Housing: four names are interested in helping with this, Jean Bailey, Mike Franklin, Sue Tarr and Eliza Leslie Melville. Jean Bailey to get in touch with Ronnie MacRae at Highland Small Communities Housing Trust.

Matters Arising:
HC Customer Service Review – Lochcarron Service Point will be closing; Gairloch has been reprieved. Ullapool and Dingwall are unaffected.
LEO Scheme – the rebate will be paid in Dec 2015 and then close. The Green Energy tariff will remain with 10% discount. Green Energy has contacted customers to inform them.
When LEO started it promised the rebate of £250 would be paid annually for the 25 year life of the Windfarm and this was also stated when customers switched to Green Energy that they would receive £250 rebate plus 10% discount which would continue for life of the windfarm. Infinergy, who set up LEO before it was sold to Eneco, were not aware that the rebate was ending and they confirmed that it was to be for 25 years however it was not written into the conditions of sale. Eneco is to attend next month’s CC meeting. LCT will be discussing this with Eneco at the LCT meeting this week. Members were disappointed that the scheme would not continue as it was promised for 25 years and those residents who had joined LEO had benefitted from the electricity rebate. It was noted that not many households had taken up the offer and this could be an opportunity for Eneco to look at a way of improving a similar electricity scheme for the whole community. G&DCC to write a letter to Eneco.
EDF update – around 20 people attended the recent drop-in with positive feedback. There will be very little difference in the appearance of the turbines; it is the technology inside the turbines which will be different. Currently undertaking design surveys on site, as well as archaeology and ornithology surveys. The Civil Engineering contract is close to being awarded and the Electrical Contract tender is going out. There will be one or two slight re-routing of roads due to deep peat but no turbine sites will be moved. Timber movements off site have halted due to a breakdown at the biomass plant in Invergordon, but this will not hold up work on site. EDF are meeting with Eneco and Lochluichart estate next week about access arrangements and the spur road from the Lochluichart Windfarm in to Corriemoillie site will start early Aug. The Chairman thanked EDF for keeping G&DCC and the community up to date.
SSE works at Killin – There have been some issues with silting up of drainage on Killin Farm. SSE is contacting them directly.
Carn Gorm Windfarm Inquiry – this has been adjourned until the end of Aug due to SNH solicitor being taken unwell. G&DCC to request notice of new dates and times. Some objectors took the opportunity to visit the site which they had not done up to this point.
Garbat Hydro Scheme – no news.
Community Benefit – Robbie Bain has heard nothing from the various hydro schemes. It was noted that Green Highland has just appointed a new managing director this week.
Garve Recycling Point -   the fence was to be fixed by 19th June however it has not yet been done. The HC are pleased with the way the new system of filling in forms at Dingwall Recycling point is going. Household blue wheelie bins will now accept aerosols, envelopes with windows removed and juice cartons with more materials to follow later in the year.
Lochluichart Station road potholes – these have a job no. and are on the list for repair.
Broken fence at Loch a’Chuillin – not repaired yet.
Garve Bus Shelter – not repaired yet.
Council Planning Website – access is still erratic.
Garden Produce Show – Jennifer Haslam to get the trophies. Hope everyone’s gardens are growing well!
Old road leading from Gorstan layby – the potholes have been reported and awaiting repair.
Over 60’s Party – venues have been contacted and menus / prices are coming in. The community council will be changing over in Nov.

Police Report – none available. It is noted that patrols continue in the area and there have been two accidents at Grudie Bridge. Also large numbers of motorcycles parking on the road at Gorstan Junction continues.

Treasurer’s Report:

Total balance b/f 1936.25

Senior Citizens Fund – no change 650.72 650.72

Bench Fund – no change 100 100

Community Fund – no change 1239.53 1239.53

Treasurer’s Account – b/f -54

less Garve Hall June 2015 -28

add HC Grant 2015/16 971.88

less HC Public Liability Insurance 2015/16 -88.74

less expenses Broadband Survey -146.8 654.34

Carried Forward

The HC grant has come through. The Treasurer requested ink expenses; all agreed.

Bench Fund – G&DCC holds £100 for providing benches in the area; it was agreed to look at how many benches and where would be a good place and then apply to LCT to top up the amount required to purchase benches. Permissions to site benches would be required. Suggestions for sites are in the various graveyards and at the church, Gorstan layby, Achnasheen pond area; there may be other places. Any ideas welcome.

By Email, Scottish Water re Garve Sewage; Scottish Govt Review of Primary Care out of hours services; Philip Waite HC Access Officer – change of link to website; Inner Moray Firth Proposed Local Development Plan; Robbie Bain – Aultbea CC Scot-hatch vote; Colin Campbell – Biosphere meeting; Scottish Rural Parliament newsletter x2; Policy – Guidance for CC’s; RVA survey; EDF Energy – takeover of E-On Windfarm; Policy – Community Council Elections timetable 2015; Lochcarron CC mins; Highland Third Sector June events; June Ross HC – litter bin at Aultguish; Strathpeffer CC mins; Third Sector Awards nominations; Policy – Scottish Heritage Angel Awards; Silvia Campbell – Employability Forum dates and venue;  Local Energy Scotland – renewable generation; Rebekah Moore – Volunteering opportunity; Policy – Big Energy saving network grant fund application open 2015/16; HC Trading Standards Bogus Tradesmen Leaflet; Scottish Rural Parliament – Broadband and mobile signal; MNV Consulting – Loch Vaich Hydro Schemes.
AOB: Jennifer Haslam is concerned about flooding on the bridge at Grudie. The drains are blocked. The drainage grids on the bridge have been tarred over. Sec to contact roads dept.
The crash barrier at Grudie has been damaged again. G&DCC to contact HC.
The red paint at the start of the 40mph zone in Garve needs repainting. Could we also ask for bollards or speed bumps similar to Muir of Ord and Conon to slow the traffic down? Some members were against bollards or speed bumps.
The LCT have been looking at a way of setting up a bursary scheme for further education or apprenticeships, but the present structure of LCT prevents it from giving bursaries directly. Could G&DCC give out bursaries? Sue Tarr felt G&DCC would have difficulties as well, that it needed a “development company” set up, possibly linked to LCT. G&DCC could help; the idea of money to help with education and skills development for all ages has had a lot of support in the community. An arms length body could be set up in a way that individuals can apply for funding; LCT is set up to give money to community groups. Val MacIver suggested approaching UHI and Skill Scotland for advice on bursaries. EDF may be open to considering a bursary fund; they are at a very early stage of looking at what form the community benefit will take.
Jean Hollingdale – the layby beside Aultguish Inn still has one of the old-style concrete litter bins, which gets well-used but never emptied and the owners of Aultguish Inn have to empty it and put the rubbish in their own wheelie bin. A wheelie bin and removal of the old bin has been requested and is in hand.
Sue Tarr noted that white line painting has started on the Ullapool road and hopefully the Gorstan junction lines will be done soon.
Kenny MacLean noted that the section of road at Luib that had an experimental surface a few years ago needs further repair as the cracks are appearing again.
Thanks to June Ross and the refuse collectors at HC for prompt service in dealing with overflowing bin in Achnasheen Village.
Sunday trains strike – the Kyle line is not affected.

Screening Request: there have been two screening requests in the area, new substation at Grudie – Environmental Impact Assessment not required; 33kV overhead line for Wyvis Hydro Scheme at Inchbae – EIA not required.
Planning: The Chairman noted a building warrant for an Agricultural Shed at Gorstan.
One planning application has been determined, Siting of Catering Trailer at Garve Hall, permission granted for five years until 2020 with conditions.
Prior Notification of Agricultural Building, Lochluichart Estate – Eliza Leslie Melville left the meeting. Members had no comments.

Future meetings: The venues have been confirmed for the coming year. The dates are as follows: 2015, 4th Aug 7pm in Garve Village Hall; 1st Sept 7pm in Achnasheen Village Hall; 6th Oct 7pm in Garve Village Hall; 3rd Nov 7pm in Achnasheen Village Hall; 1st Dec 7pm in Garve Village Hall. 2016, 5th Jan 7pm in Garve Village Hall; 2nd Feb 7pm in Garve Village Hall; 1st Mar 7pm in Achnasheen Village Hall; 5th April 7pm in Garve Village Hall; 3rd May 7pm in Achnasheen Village Hall; 7th June AGM followed by Ordinary meeting 7pm in Garve Village Hall.

Date of next meeting:
4th August 2015 in Garve Village Hall at 7pm.  Richard Johnson will give a presentation on the proposed Strathvaich Hydro Scheme; there will also be a public drop in event to be arranged.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 9pm.

Draft minutes of Garve & District Community Council AGM held 2nd June 2015 in Garve Village Hall

Draft minutes of Garve & District Community Council AGM held 2nd June 2015 in Garve Village Hall Present: Kenny MacLean (Chairman), Jean Hollingdale (Secretary), Jean Bailey (Treasurer), Eliza Leslie Melville, Jennifer Haslam, Ruari Matheson, Sue Tarr (Minute Sec); Ronnie MacRae (HSCHT); Campbell Cameron (CBS); Grant Folley (EDF); Val MacIver (Platform PR); Martin Macphee & Matt Myer (Eneco); 6 members of public. The Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 7pm. Apologies: Bob Moir, Cllr Cockburn. Declarations of Interest: none. Approval of the minutes held 3rd June 2014: proposed by Jean Hollingdale and seconded by Jennifer Haslam. Chairman’s report: I must confess that it doesn’t seem like twelve months since I last sat down to write the last Chairman’s report. Time really does fly! Our first Garden Produce Show was held back in Sept 2014 with a good turnout on the day. This year’s show will be held on Sat 5th Sept 2015. Last year’s Over 60’s Dinner was held in early Dec 2014 and was attended by 34 people in Garve Hotel. The various donations from individuals, local businesses and local groups were very much appreciated. The problems of the Garve Level Crossing both in Nov 2014 and again in Jan 2015 caused great concern to this community and to other communities further west. We hope that Network Rail has finally ironed out the problems. E-on have been in touch regarding the setting up of a community liaison group. The site has since been sold to EDF Energy. We hope to see representatives of EDF Energy attend more CC meetings over the coming months, especially as construction is due to begin shortly. Improving broadband has been a growing issue over the last few months, especially in the more rural parts of our area. The Community Council continues to take an interest in this issue. Our website - continues to be well used since it launched in March 2013. The G&DCC has considered seven screening reports, three scoping reports, twelve consultation documents, one building warrant and ten planning applications since the last AGM. One topic that is a regular one not just over the last twelve months but over the last five years has been the road network. These various road issues have included speeding, signage, fly tipping, traffic lights, landslides, damaged crash barriers, flooding, blocked culverts, potholes and of course gritting. With having a trunk road as well as HC roads in our area, we have a lot of liaising with different people. I’m sure roads will continue to be a regular topic during these times of austerity. We have also addressed a number of other issues since our last AGM including a lack of mains water pressure at times in Garve, problems with the sewage drains here in Garve, the RCOP lunch event for older people, bus shelters, Beauly – Mossford power line upgrade and various works around the sites, WW1 commemorations, postbox relocations, benches, layby bins, street light replacement, the proposed Biosphere project, court service changes, community recycle bins, train services, BT’s adopt a kiosk, Service Point review, proposed hydro schemes and changes to the mobile library. All the issues have been discussed at twelve ordinary meetings and two fundraising sub committee meeting held since the last AGM. These meetings, which have lasted around 25 hours, have, despite the snow, been well attended by the members of the G&DCC, representatives from different companies, agencies and the public. Our posters and flyers have been another way along with the minutes in the AGNV that help to keep everyone in the G&DCC area up to date with the G&DCC discussions, decisions and our fundraising events. My thanks to the various outlets in the G&DCC area. Their assistance really helps us to get the information out into the community. I have attended various meetings in the last twelve months and I have kept in touch with the School and Church. All this has been reported back to G&DCC members in Chairman’s Comments. I would like to thank all the G&DCC members for the continuing support they show me, for their help and advice they have given me and may I thank them on behalf of the community for all the hard work they do as G&DCC members. We must thank Jennifer Haslam, who oversees any catering requirements the G&DCC may have. A thank you must go to Jean Hollingdale who, as Madam Secretary helps to keep all G&DCC members fully informed. We must also thank Jean Bailey who, as Madam Treasurer oversees our accounts are in order. We also thank Sue Tarr for the work she does for us by producing posters, flyers and of course as our Minute Secretary. A thank you must go to our Ward Councilors and to Robbie Bain, Ward Manager for their input and advice. We must also thank the Garve and Achnasheen Village Hall committees for being so helpful to the G&DCC throughout the year. Finally, but by no means least, a thank you must go to the people of this community for their continued support of their Community Council. Treasurer’s report: The accounts for the year 1st April 2014 to 31st Mar 2015 were presented for adoption. (See Appendix). Fundraising for the year was down due to receiving a grant from the LCT for the Senior Citizens’ dinner. Adoption of accounts was proposed by Kenny MacLean; seconded by Eliza Leslie Melville; all agreed. The Chairman proposed thanks to the auditor, Mrs A. MacRae. Election of Office Bearers: Eliza Leslie Melville proposed the office bearers as follows; seconded by Jennifer Haslam and all agreed. Chairman, Kenny MacLean; Secretary, Jean Hollingdale; Treasurer, Jean Bailey; Minute Secretary, Sue Tarr. Members agreed that Kenny MacLean continue to deal with Press Enquiries and Jennifer Haslam deal with catering. Dates of meetings for next 12 months: meeting on the first Tues of every month, Kenny MacLean proposed the following dates and Jennifer Haslam seconded. All agreed, subject to confirmation with the village halls. AOB: none. Date of next AGM: 7th June 2016, Garve Village Hall at 7pm. Val MacIver proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the community and those present to the committee and for the work they do and the welcome they provide to the public at meetings. The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.15pm.
 Appendix: Annual Accounts
Income and Expenditure Account

Year Ended 31st March 2015

Prepared by the C.C. Treasurer

Mrs Jean Bailey




IV23 2PX


RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS ACCOUNT for Year ended 31st. March 2015





Highland Council Grant



Total S.Citizens Dinner Donations


Other Income

Bingo Night Proceeds S.Citizens



S. Citizens Dinner Raffle



Highland Council Forum Payment



Summer Fair Proceeds " "



R.C.O.P. Event



Garden Produce show



Lochluichart Community Trust



Bank Interest



£ 2,450.75



H.Council P.Liability Ins.



Secretary's Fees



Minute Secretary's Fees



Meetings Expenses - Halls etc.



Administration Costs



Accountants Fees



Chairmans Expenses


Community Events Costs

S.Citizens Christmas Dinner/Tokens



Summer Fair Exps.



Bingo Nght Expenses



Highland Council Forum Costs No Labour



R.C.O.P. Event Expenses



Garden Produce Show Event


Transfer of Funds Held to Friends of

Garve Memorial



£ 2,641.58


Surplus/Deficit for the year



Balance b/forward 2013/14







Breakdown of Sub-Accounts 2014-2015 for the Communities Information

Senior Citizens Breakdown




Surplus from R.C.O.P. Event 57.82

Lochluichart Community Trust 1,000.00 1,107.82


Garve Hotel Dinner 806.50

S/Citizen Dinner - Other Costs 30.44

Tesco - Gift Tokens 521.00 1,357.94


-£ 250.12

B/fwd 1st April 2014


Deficit 2014/15

- 250.12

Balance as at 31st. March 2015

£ 645.72

Garve Bench Account

Part Surplus of Garden Produce Show 50.00 £ 50.00

B/fwd 1st April 2014


Surplus 2014/2015


Balance as 31st. March 2015

£ 100.00

Community Fund


Transfer from Treasurers Account 1,016.28 1,016.28


Garve Public Hall Garden Show Meeting 8.00 8.00

Balance as 31st. March 2015

£ 1,008.28

continued over

Treasurers Account Breakdown


Highland Council Grant 971.88

Garden Produce Show-Minus £50 to Bench Acc 228.87 1,200.75


P.Liability Insurance 88.13

Secretaries Fees to 31/03/15 500.00

Administration Costs 43.50

Hall Rent etc. 205.50

Chairman's Expenses 48.50

Auditor Fees 2015 100.00

Garden Produce Show Exps. 56.97

Transfer to Community Fund 1,016.28 2,058.88


- 858.13

B/fwd 1st April 2014



-£ 858.13

Balance as at 31st. March 2015

-£ 13.75

War Memorial Breakdown


Friends of Garve War Memorial 140.86

B/fwd 1st April 2014



- 140.86

Balance as at 31st. March 2015

£ -

Senior Citizens Acc. C/Fwd to 1st April 2015


Treasurers Acc C/Fwd to 1st Aprl 2015

- 13.75

Community Fund Acc. C/Fwd to 1st April 2015


War Memorial Acc. C/Fwd to 1st April 2015


Garve Bench Acc. C/Fwd to 1st April 2015


Total Balance of Bank Account

£ 1,740.25