2015 Writing Competition

Draft Minutes of Garve & District Community Council meeting held 10th March 2015 in Garve Village Hall

Present: Kenny MacLean (Chairman), Jean Hollingdale (Secretary), Eliza Leslie Melville, Jennifer Haslam, Sue Tarr (Minute Sec); Ruari Matheson; Martin Macphee, Laura Magill and Liam Harkin (Eneco); 1 member of public.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone. The meeting on 3rd March had been postponed until today because of snow.
Apologies: Jean Bailey, Bob Moir, Cllr Cockburn.
Declarations of Interest: none.

Chairman’s Comments: The Chairman was unable to attend the NHS Mid Ross District Partnership Meeting. Some G&DCC members attended the Biosphere event in Garve Hall. Opinions were mixed; Jennifer Haslam does not see the benefits drawing business into the area, Jean Hollingdale felt it would help put Garve on the map and help promote the local attractions for visitors. G&DCC is invited to the next strategic Biosphere meeting, but no-one able to attend.
The Chairman was unable to attend the Points North Seminar (concerning the north railway lines) but feedback was that the issue of trains being late was due to “capacity on the line”. Jennifer Haslam felt that information about trains running is not always accurate.
Contin CC is up and running again; Torridon & Kinlochewe CC is not and there will be no further interim elections.
There will be a single Church of Scotland service this Sun 15th March in Strathpeffer at 11am.
All G&DCC agendas, minutes and dates of future meetings are available on the website www.community-council.org.uk/garveanddistrict  They are also available at Garve PO, on Garve and Achnasheen Village notice boards, in the AGNV and on the AGNV website, direct from the Secretary on gdcc@fsmail.net, tel/fax 01997 414201 and at every G&DCC meeting. Correspondence should be directed to gdcc@fsmail.net

Approval of the minutes of the meeting held 3rd Feb 2015: Proposed by Jennifer Haslam, seconded by Jean Hollingdale.

Matters Arising:
Broadband – Achnasheen Exchange in 2010 required to be upgraded to ADSL in order to provide broadband services at an approximate cost of £250k. Since then some Achnasheen residents have been making some enquiries about how to connect to broadband and costs involved. There are some funding options available, including possibly LCT. Discussion about what type of system might work for Achnasheen. Satellite broadband gives a very reliable service but is more expensive. A community system might be an option. Households on the Garve exchange that are some miles away from the exchange might benefit from cabinets being installed once the fibre optic cable roll-out comes to Garve. Jackie West to further investigate options for Achnasheen. Number of households interested in upgrading and their contact details would be needed. Eneco at present are also looking into alternative broadband systems for their office and will share information.

Network Rail – the back-up batteries at Garve Level crossing have been replaced as a precaution. The police need permission from British Transport Police to allow cars to cross the level crossing. There are plans to hand British Transport Police responsibilities in Scotland to Police Scotland.
There has been no response from Network Rail about the wooden footbridge at Achanalt. The Chairman reported that according to the Land Registry Edinburgh, the bridge is on private land. Access to the bridge is prevented by a locked gate at one end.

Lochluichart Windfarm – the cranes are on site and work on the 5 turbines needing repair will start as soon as weather allows. The cranes will remain on site until end of summer and there will be no further serious transportation until the cranes leave. E-On has been consulting with Eneco about access. It is believed that the sale of Corriemoillie Windfarm has been agreed and is being finalised. The Eneco representatives were thanked for coming.

Hydro scheme at Garbat – Strathpeffer CC has suggested that G&DCC has two options, either claim ownership of a share of the development which requires investment; or accept a rental but take no other part in the development. The Strathpeffer CC meeting which G&DCC was to attend to hear from the developers did not happen. Members felt that they wished to wait until after the Community Energy meeting on 18th March to get a better picture of what might happen in our own area. It was also felt that any proposal from Strathpeffer CC should be made as a public presentation at a G&DCC meeting rather than individuals having discussions with developers.

Crash barriers at Grudie – these have been fixed.

HC budget cuts – It appears the HC Community Services Committee have decided against implementing the cuts to evening gritting on roads with traffic of less than 20 vehicles.

Service point review – the consultation has only gone out to CC’s where a local service point has proposed changes, and G&DCC is unaffected.

Recycling Area at Garve – HC has suggested that the recycling banks are re-organised to avoid the muddy area. Members agreed.

Nominations for the vacancy on G&DCC closed on 20th Feb 2015 and two names were received –
Jock Logie, Grudie and Ruari Matheson, Fannich.
Members present cast their votes by secret ballot and the result was 4 votes for Ruari and 1 vote for Jock.
The requirement for a two thirds majority was met and the co-option was accepted and Ruari welcomed onto the CC. Thanks to both for putting their names forward.

Treasurer’s Report: Sue Tarr apologised for not bringing the report to the meeting in the treasurer’s absence. (The figures are included here but please note they were not read out at the meeting).
Total balance b/f   £2,593.11

Senior Citizens Fund  - No Change      650.72 650.72
Bench Fund - B/fwd No Change      100.00         100.00
War Memorial - B/fwd No Change      140.86         140.86
Community Fund  - B/fwd   1,016.28
Less Garve Hall S.Citizens Meeting -         5.00     1,011.28
Treasurers Account - Admin. Costs  B/fwd      685.25
Less Garve Hall Meetings Dec14, Jan15 & Feb15 -       56.00
Less Tesco Printer Ink -       25.00         604.25

Carried Forward £  2,507.11

Members were asked to agree three financial matters.
Eliza Leslie Melville proposed to keep the secretarial fees the same (£250 each for Secretary and Minute Secretary); seconded by Jennifer Haslam and all agreed.
Eliza Leslie Melville proposed that Ann Macrae continue as auditor; seconded by Jennifer Haslam and all agreed.
Eliza Leslie Melville proposed that the money held in the War Memorial Fund be donated to the Friends of Garve War Memorial; seconded by Jennifer Haslam and all agreed.
Fundraising – there is a Produce Show meeting on 23rd March in Garve Hall at 7pm for all interested; to include ideas for this year’s show as well as tips on presentation – open to suggestions. This year’s sponsors are Eneco, GG Mackenzie and Iain Fraser. The sponsorship will cover the cost of cups and hall rent.

Correspondence: By email, Robbie Bain – Mid Ross District Partnership Meeting 6th Feb 2015; Scottish Rural Action – Directors Election and Membership; Policy – Planning:  The People’s Perspective Meeting Glasgow 25th Apr 2015;  Lloyds/TSB Foundation For Scotland – 1 Million Pounds Give Away To Grass Roots Charities; Seminar Hitrans – North Highland Train Lines (Wick/Kyle) Meeting 11.30am To 14.00pm Mon Mar 2nd 2015 At Ross Football Stadium Dingwall; Kit Bowen – Cancellation Of Proposed Meeting With Baby Hydro; Jackie West – Broadband Update Achnasheen; Strathpeffer CC Mins; Lochcarron CC Mins; Scottish Rural Parliament Notice Of AGM; RCOP Poster – Match Day Buddies Pilot; Highland Third Sector Interface – Meeting 2nd Apr 2015 Inverness – Safer Highland; DPEA – Notice Of Planning Appeal – Carn Gorm Wind Farm; Monica Urquhart HC – Land for affordable housing reply suggesting plot for sale in Achnasheen; Local Energy Scotland - register of community benefit; Community Learning Development – Meeting 20th Mar 2015 (no-one able to attend) Inverness/Safer Highland Third Sector Forum – 2nd April Inverness; Jackie West – Community Broadband; Highland Licensing Board Consultation; RCOP – Self Directed Support- Event 27th Apr 2015 Smithton Church Inverness; RCOP – Event 22nd May 2015 – Smithton Church Inverness – Armed Forces Covenant Networking; Wester Ross Biosphere Project -  Strategic Partnership Meeting 30th Mar 2015  1.30 To 4.00pm Ledgowan Lodge Hotel Achnasheen; Mr. Chris Hamilton – Re   BT Broadband For Achnasheen; Kit Bowen Strathpeffer CC – Kirknewton/Baby Hydro.
By post; Network Rail – Acknowledgement of our Letter 6th Feb 2015 re Barriers; Scottish Woodland – Environmental Impact Assessment Ledgowan Estate.

Eliza Leslie Melville - the potholes on the road between Gorstan and Corriemoillie are getting worse. Kenny Maclean to report via HC website.
Sue Tarr and Jean Hollingdale both raised safety at the Gorstan Junction following another vehicle crashing into the barrier. The white lines at the junction are getting faint and the give way sign does not reflect at night so it is not very visible. Other improvements suggested were “SLOW” and an anti slip surface. It was noted that the road leading to the junction is kept well gritted. Kenny MacLean to contact HC.
Jennifer Haslam - some of the burnt trees at Lochluichart are blowing onto the road. Eliza Leslie Melville to speak to estate manager.
Jean Hollingdale – the green wheelie bin at the Gorstan lay-by disappeared and rubbish was accumulating. A new one is on the way. Raw fish had been dumped over the railway fence and was smelling very bad.
Kenny MacLean – the mobile library timetable has changed. It will now visit Achnasheen every third Tues instead of Thurs. More info on the Highlife website www.highlifehighland.com
AOB (public) – A member of public was concerned about the dangerous state of the Achnasheen Filling Station canopy and bits have been blowing off in the recent storms. This poses a hazard to traffic and pedestrians. G&DCC to alert their concerns on grounds of Health & Safety to both the owner and Robbie Bain (HC).

Consultations: Members completed the HC questionnaire about extension of licensing hours.

Afforestation Plan at Ledgowan Estate: G&DCC has been consulted as a statutory consultee at the screening stage whether the proposed plan for planting a commercial conifer forest requires an Environmental Impact Assessment. Can reply either by letter and/ or attending a meeting in Ledgowan on 17th April. Members felt that as the information supplied was limited it was difficult to say what the impact on wildlife and landscape would be therefore they felt an EIA should be carried out. Secretary to reply.

One application has been determined, Installation of 33kV overhead line Achnasheen- Kinlochewe. HC raise no objection. Now goes to Scottish Government.
One new application, Land at Garve Hill by Garve – Formation of access track in relation to Beauly- Mossford 132 kV overhead line. G&DCC to comment that visual impact be kept to a minimum.

Carn Gorm Windfarm – a public inquiry will be held to consider the visual effect on the landscape of the Ben Wyvis area. G&DCC has declined to make a representation but will be informed of the date, time and venue. Members of the public can attend but not take part.

Date of next meeting:
Tues 7th Apr 2015 Garve Village Hall at 7pm
Tues 5th May 2015 Achnasheen Village Hall at 7pm
Tues 2nd June 2015 AGM followed by ordinary meeting Garve Village Hall at 7pm
Tues 7th July 2015 Achnasheen Village Hall at 7pm

The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 9.15pm.

Community Energy for Garve & District - Meeting 18th March

Across the country, local communities are getting together to set up their own renewable energy schemes.
·      Can we set up a scheme to help install renewable energy in all properties in Garve & District?
·      Do you want renewable energy on your property?
·      Do you want to get involved?
Come and talk about this idea!
APSE Energy will be holding a meeting in Garve Village Hall on Wednesday 18th March 7-9pm to find out your views. 
Please come along - the more feedback we get the better the project could be.
If you are unable to make it, you can get in touch with the organisers - gill.fenna@quantumst.co.uk 
Or fill in their online survey - www.surveymonkey.com/s/garveenergy

Gill Fenna
APSE Energy Associate
Direct 01524 542857
Mobile 07870 193053


  1. Introductions and Apologies

  1. Declarations of interest

  1. Chairman’s comments

  1. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting

  1. Matters arising from the minutes

  1. Co-option
As agreed at the last CC meeting, the deadline for nominations closed on the 20 February 2015.

  1. Treasurer’s report

  1. Correspondences

  1. AOB from CC members

  1. AOB from members of the public

11. Screening reports, scoping reports and consultations
At the time of writing, the CC has not been made aware of any new screening reports, scoping reports or consultations.
12. Building warrants, planning issues and licensing issues
At the time of writing, the CC has not been made aware of any new building warrants or licensing issues but has received notice of one new planning application for this area (15/00321/FUL Garve).

13. Dates of future meetings
Tuesday 7 April 2015, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall
Tuesday 5 May 2015, 7.00pm, Achnasheen Village Hall
Tuesday 2 June 2015, AGM followed by an ordinary meeting, 7.00pm, Garve Village Hall
Tuesday 7 July 2015, 7.00pm, Achnasheen Village Hall


Draft Minutes of Garve & District Community Council meeting held 3rd Feb 2015 in Garve Village Hall

Present: Kenny MacLean (Chairman), Jean Hollingdale (Secretary), Jean Bailey (Treasurer), Jennifer Haslam, Sue Tarr (Minute Sec); Cllr Ian Cockburn.
The Chairman welcomed everyone and opened the meeting at 7pm.
Apologies: Eliza Leslie Melville, Bob Moir.
Declarations of Interest: none.

Chairman’s Comments: The Chairman was unable to attend Ward Forums in the previous month. Cllr Cockburn summarized that the policing priorities would stay the same, similarly fire service; recruitment for fire-fighters an ongoing problem. Consultation has started for the West Highland and Islands Development Plan. The area covers west of the Gorstan junction so affects part of the G&DCC area. Larger villages i.e. Ullapool, Gairloch have areas zoned for expansion; smaller villages can develop their own plans and remaining areas come under the countryside plan. There is to be a Biosphere event in Garve Village Hall on Tues 10th Feb at 1pm. There will be a joint service on Easter Sunday in Contin Church.
All G&DCC agendas, minutes and dates of future meetings are all available on the website www.community-council.org.uk/garveanddistrict  They are also available at Garve PO, on Garve and Achnasheen Village notice boards, in the AGNV and on the AGNV website, direct from the Secretary on gdcc@fsmail.net, tel/fax 01997 414201 and at every G&DCC meeting. Correspondence should be directed to gdcc@fsmail.net
Approval of minutes of the meeting held 6th Jan 2015: proposed by Jennifer Haslam and seconded by Jean Bailey.
Approval of minutes of Fundraising Sub Committee meeting held 18th Jan 2015: proposed by Kenny MacLean and seconded by Jean Bailey.

Matters Arising:
Dingwall Court closed last week.
E-On Liaison Group – following discussion about turbine transport issues at the previous meeting, Sue Tarr suggested that PC Beverly be invited to the liaison group meeting. All agreed; also consider inviting a representative from Contin and other communities affected by the transport and BEAR.
Community Hydro Scheme at Garbat – no response from Strathpeffer CC.
SSE Traffic Lights east of Garve – no response.
Flooding at Garve Hall – the gully sucker has been and cleared the drain.
Grudie crash barrier – another car has crashed on that corner on 20th Jan. HC have ref no for the job.
Potholes – following the cold weather potholes are developing quickly throughout the area. Anyone who sees a pothole please report it online via HC website to get it repaired quickly.
Resurfacing – BEAR is resurfacing the stretch of road along Loch Garve side this month. A convoy system will be in operation.
Garve Level Crossing – on 9th Jan there were more problems at Garve when the power went off. Garve does have back up batteries but it appears these still had problems. Lochcarron CC had correspondence from Network Rail concerning Strathcarron level crossing where barriers remain in the raised position in a power cut. The national protocol is that emergency services should not cross the level crossing unless permission is received from Network Rail. Sec to write to Network Rail to ask for details about how Garve level crossing operates in the event of a power cut.
Recycling bins at Garve – HC is aware of the puddle problem. HC policy now is to remove paper and can banks as people are using their blue wheelie bins instead.
Over 60’s Dinner – G&DCC are currently reviewing the over 60’s dinner invite list.  If you turn 60 this year and would like to be included, or you would like your name removed from the list, please contact the Secretary on gdcc@fsmail.net on 01997 414201.  The Community Council would also appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have on this yearly event.
Police Report: 7 persons have been charged with speeding offences and one for driving without an MOT.
Co-option – the vacancy for a community councillor has been advertised on the G&DCC website. Members agreed to set a deadline of 20th Feb for names to be submitted. The vote by secret ballot will take place at the next meeting (3rd March in Achnasheen).
Two names have come forward: Jock Logie, Grudie and Ruari Matheson, Fannich.

Treasurer’s Report:
Balance brought forward 2593.11

Senior Citizens Fund – No change 650.72 650.72

Bench Fund – No change 100.00 100.00

War Memorial – No change 140.86 140.86

Community Fund –transferred from Treasurers account (Fundraising) 1016.28 1016.28

Treasurers Account b/fwd –Admin costs of CC 1701.53
Transfer to Community Fund -1016.28 685.25

Carried forward £2593.11

The treasurer has set up a new heading in the funds, and transferred money from the Treasurer’s account to that. This money has been raised by the community council and will be separate from HC Grant income.
Friends of Garve War Memorial is still going through the process of setting up a bank account; once it is finalised G&DCC can transfer the War Memorial money over.

Correspondence: June Ross – Re Fly tipped rubbish at Achnasheen; E-On Leanne Taylor – Thanks; BEAR – Road resurfacing west of Tarvie – 9th February to 20th February – 10mph convoy traffic – 7am to 7pm.  Outside working hours the traffic management will be removed and a speed limit of 30mph; Highland Third Sector – Event Update; HC – Allan Hogg – Re Repair Of Grudie Crash Barrier; Scottish Rural Parliament – News Letter; Scottish Rural Action – Membership Form; Robbie Bain – BEAR  Resurfacing Tarvie West; Lucy Robison – Biosphere Meeting Garve Village Hall Tuesday 10th February 2015; RCOP – Football Buddying Pilot; Scottish Rural Action – Directors Nomination Reminder; Police Report; Strathpeffer CC– Mins; West Highland And Islands Development Plan; Robbie Bain - Mid Ross District Partnership meeting on  Friday 6th Feb in Dingwall.
AOB: Jennifer Haslam informed the meeting that ASAP Energy is holding a meeting in Garve Hall in March for the general public to gather views on community energy schemes as part of a project applying to LCT for funding.
Jean Hollingdale reported concerns from members of the community about HC’s proposal to cut back on pre-gritting next winter. If the number of cars per hour travelling after 6pm drops below 20 then HC want to stop the evening pre-gritting. Members felt this was a very important issue that would cause a lot of concern in the community if it goes ahead.
Two parents have also contacted G&DCC about the dangerous road conditions in the morning affecting the Academy school bus recently. The gritter timetable is to have treated the Achnasheen road by 8.30am; the school bus picks up pupils at 8am. The driver has instructions that if the road conditions are dangerous he should wait for the gritter to go ahead, and phone the school informing them the bus would be late. It was noted that in such conditions the gritter is usually a lot later than 8.30. Sec to contact the parents advising they raise the issue with the education dept.
Kenny MacLean reported damage to Achnasheen Village Hall roof caused by the storm, and a loose part of the roof fell off. HC came out to fix it on Mon morning. Cllr Cockburn confirmed there is an emergency contact number available on the website.
Robbie Bain, Ward Manager, now has a twitter account and you can keep up to date with weather related and other local issues by following by visiting www.twitter.com/HCwardmgr6 (you don’t need to register with Twitter to view).
Consultations: BEAR is starting resurfacing work along Loch Garve 9th-20th Feb, during which time a convoy system will operate.
HC Consultation on customer service points – G&DCC has not received a consultation. Cllr Cockburn to check if we are on the list or not.
SSE have lodged a screening request to re-align the proposed access track in relation to the new Beauly-Mossford 132kv overhead line on the section between Lochview and Scatwell. The gradients need to be reduced for their machinery. HC requested a new planning application be submitted and Forestry Commission requested the track be retained as a permanent feature.
There is one new planning application, part of which is in our area – Installation of 33kv overhead line Achnasheen – Kinlochewe. Members had no comments.
Date of next meeting:
Tues 3rd March Achnasheen Village Hall at 7pm
Tues 7th April Garve Village Hall at 7pm
Tues 5th May Achnasheen Village Hall at 7pm
Tues 2nd June Garve Village Hall 7pm AGM followed by ordinary meeting.
Produce Show meeting 23rd March at 7pm in Garve Village Hall

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 9pm.

Minutes of Subcommittee Meeting held 18th January 2015
Present:  Kenny MacLean, Jennifer Haslam, Jean Bailey, Jean Hollingdale.
Apologies:  Eliza Leslie Melville, Bob Moir, Sue Tarr.
Started: 12.45pm Garve Village Hall
Discussion on Over 60’s Dinner.  Only one guest asked why there was no raffle.  Members had decided that we would not have a raffle this time.
Entertainment was only for one hour which we suggest was not long enough.  In future it should be booked for 2 hours after the meal.  To be printed on the invitation the Name of the Entertainment for 2 hours.
We then discussed Vouchers/Gift for those not attending the dinner. We agreed that a Voucher should not be the norm, and that it should be changed each year i.e. box of biscuits or chocolates.  It was agreed that partners that are not over 60yrs would not receive a Voucher /Gift in the future.  Also late cancellations of those that have agreed to attend would not receive a Voucher/Gift as the meal has been paid for.
It is time to review the Over 60’s list.  Kenny to contact News and Views to ask members of the community if they “Would like their names to be included in the list, or removed from the list. Any feedback would be welcome with suggestions” please contact Secretary 01997 414201 or any member of G&DCC.
It was also suggested that venues should be asked to provide seating at long tables not 4’s as this makes for a more sociable evening.
Personal visits to Ledgowan and Aultguish to discuss availability.  With a limited capacity at each of these venues it would be necessary to take the replies to the invitations on a First Come First Served basis.
The end of October is a possibility for the dinner.
Kenny mentioned a Summer Fair.  Members felt that the Produce Show should be the priority for this year.
Produce Show:
It was suggested that a Sale of Produce table would be a good idea.  All agreed.  Also that the Whisky Game be available.
All in aid of Community Council Funds.
Meeting closed 1.45pm



1.       Introductions and Apologies

2.       Declarations of Interest

3.       Chairman’s Comments

4.       Approval of the Minutes of the last CC meetings

5.       Matters arising from the Minutes

6.       Co-option

7.       Treasurer’s Report

8.       Correspondences

9.       AOB from CC members

10.   AOB from the Public

11.   Consultations

12.   Planning and Licensing Issues

13.   Dates of Future Meetings


Issued at 12noon on Thursday 22 January 2015.