Draft Minutes of Garve & District Community Council meeting held 5th April 2016 in Garve Village Hall

Present: Kenny MacLean (Chairman), Jennifer Haslam (Secretary), Eliza Leslie Melville (Treasurer), Sue Tarr (Minute Sec), Caroline Gamble (part of meeting); Guy Madgwick and Zoisa Walton (Eneco); Fiona Milligan (Infinergy); Andy Russell (EDF); Val MacIver (Platform PR); 3 members of public.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.
Apologies: Bob Moir, Caroline Gamble, Cllr Cockburn.
Declarations of Interest: none.
Chairman’s comments: Condolences to the family of Sandy Jack, who passed away recently. Also best wishes to Pete Hollingdale following his operation.
Eliza Leslie Melville attended the Scottish Woodlands meeting at Ledgowan on behalf of G&DCC. She showed a map and outlined the changes to the forest plan. The previous plan was to plant 80% conifers/ 20% broadleaves; this has been changed to 20% conifers and 80% broadleaves. A deer fence will enclose the planting area and 100 hinds are to be killed. The tree planting should disguise the hill track. Issues were raised about stags on the road. Stag warning signs are to be placed on the road.
Kenny MacLean attended Lochcarron CC to talk about community benefit.
There is to be a change to services at Kinlochluichart Church of Scotland; from 1st May there will be one service every other Sunday at the earlier time of 11.30am (8th and 22nd May).
The Community Hall at the Church is nearly completed. It has been used for a couple of events already and there will be an official opening soon.
All G&DCC agendas, minutes and dates of future meetings are available on the website www.community-council.org.uk/garveanddistrict or by contacting the Secretary on gdcc@fsmail.net or at Broadoaks, Grudie Bridge, By Garve IV23 2QB.
They are also available at Garve PO, on Achnasheen Village notice board, in the AGNV and on the AGNV website.
Approval of the minutes of the meeting held 1st March 2016: proposed by Eliza Leslie Melville and seconded by Jennifer Haslam.
Matters Arising:
EDF update – one convoy of three lorries arrived at the site yesterday. It was police escorted from Dumfries and arrived a bit earlier than estimated. Construction is progressing with concrete now being produced on site. 8 bases have been excavated and 5 have passed the test to allow construction. There was a Liaison Group meeting on 29th March which was well attended. Construction, transport and community benefit was discussed. Foundation Scotland will have a workshop for the community to attend, a date in May to be confirmed. This will consider the pros and cons of different administration arrangements with a view to the Corriemoillie Fund achieving the best impact. Minutes of the Liaison Group will be available to the public.
EDF are now building 17 turbines instead of 19. Two of the turbines with lower production will not be built, allowing neighbouring turbines to produce more electricity.
G&DCC has received notice of the Section 36 Application and copies have been available to view in Garve Village Hall.
There will be another convoy of three lorries arriving next month and another one the following month for which EDF will circulate times and will try to get more accurate times.
RJ MacLeod has completed another accident free period on the site so £300 plus £300 matched by EDF is available for a local good cause.

Eneco update – Guy Madgwick outlined that due to changes in UK Govt policy, Eneco is not willing to continue developing the UK portfolio. Zoisa Walton is taking over as director of UK operations which will continue but with a change to offering consumer services. Michelle Giblin will be the day to day contact and Martin Macphee is operations manager for Lochluichart Windfarm. There is no update yet about an Eneco electricity tariff.

Community Hydro Schemes – the development company Vento Ludens has secured rights for developing hydro power on certain burns in our area. It is carrying out feasibility work and if it is viable may consider a joint development with the community. John Bedwell is liaising and Community Energy Scotland is doing research as part of the Garve & District Energy project.

Wester Ross Biosphere – this has been approved by UNESCO. Garve is the gateway to the Biosphere. There is a meeting in Poolewe on 20th April.
Broadband – £42 million has been allocated for further broadband investment; communities will have to wait until later in the year to hear how they will benefit from this. Scottish Govt and HIE are assessing how best to deliver broadband improvements.
Garve Bus Shelter – Bob Moir has been pricing Perspex (£280 - £300) – will continue to look for cheaper options. Zoisa Walton indicated that Eneco may adopt the bus shelter on behalf of the community and will get in touch with Robbie Bain.
Community Needs Survey – an application for funding has been submitted to LCT and has been received.
Landslip flooding – Transport Scotland has replied. Following the landslip on 30th Dec 2015 on Network rail land, BEAR cleared 50 tonnes of soil from the road, and opened up the wall on the other side of the road to allow water to flow away. Network Rail will be responsible for repairing the wall. The site has been added to a list of sites that need inspection. BEAR has asked Network Rail to alleviate the water running across the road. G&DCC agreed to ask them to keep investigating as there is a flow of water across the road. Sec to contact Transport Scotland.
Network Rail fence along Loch Garve – the fence has been repaired.
Co-option – there are two vacancies on G&DCC. Names for co-option to the CC would be welcome.

Police Report: not available.
The Chairman mentioned a press report concerning a driver who was fined £2500 and received 9 penalty points for careless driving at a speed of 102mph.
Chief Superintendent Julian Innes is retiring. G&DCC received a copy of North Focus issue 3. Following enforcement work over the past year across North Highland, Police Scotland have achieved the following results; 1633 persons charged with speeding (up 30%), 140 persons charged with drink driving (up 27%), 192 persons dealt with for driving carelessly (up 61%).

Caroline Gamble joined the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:
Admin Fund - £455.08 less Data Protection, Hall Hire & Secretary Fees
Community Fund – no change
Bench Fund – no change
Senior Citizens’ Fund – no change

Balance forward

There are more forms to fill out for Bank of Scotland before the change in signatories can be authorised. The Treasurer got banker’s drafts to pay the outstanding bills for hire of Garve and Achnasheen Halls (£106), Data Protection subscription (£35), and Secretary Fees (£83).
The Community Council grant has been cut by 10%. G&DCC to receive £879.74 less the cost of insurance.
Produce Show – This will be in Garve Village Hall on Sat 10th Sept. Schedules are available from the Secretary.
The Chairman is submitting an expenses claim for paper and ink.

Correspondence: By Email, Transport Scotland – A835 trunk road flooding; HC – planning applications week ending 4 March 2016; Scottish Woodlands– Proposed new woodlands on the Ledgowan Estate; HC policy – Police Scotland Community Council questionnaire; Highland Third Sector Interface – Transport events; HC – planning applications week ending 11 March 2016; Scottish Woodlands – Ledgowan Estate EIA screening meeting 15 March 2016; Richard Eaton – Inchbae Lodge lunch club; Robbie Bain – Community Council grants for 2016/2017; Lochcarron Community Council minutes; HC – planning applications week ending 18 March 2016; Highland Council Policy – dog fouling fines; Robbie Bain – Wester Ross Biosphere update; Scottish Govt – Marine Recreation and Tourism study documents; HC – planning applications week ending 24 March 2016; John Bedwell – update on proposed micro hydro projects; Eneco – Guy & Zoisa attending April Community Council meeting; HC – West Highland & Islands Local Development Plan consultation; Robbie Bain – Armed Forces Covenant Fund; HC – consultation on section 36 planning application for Corriemoillie Windfarm; Grant Folley – slides from EDF Liaison Group meeting held 29 March 2016; HC Policy – North Focus issue 3; HC– planning applications week ending 1 April 2016; Robbie Bain – MOD exercise 11-22 April 2016; Robbie Bain – Wester Ross Biosphere Project; Garve & District Energy Group - update (now available on the Community Council website).
By post, EDF – section 36 planning application for Corriemoillie Windfarm; Bowlts – invite to the Wester Ross Deer Management Group AGM on 19 May; Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust newsletter.

AOB: Sue Tarr gave an update on the sighting of a raccoon in the Garve area. There have also been sightings in Alladale and possibly Rosemarkie. SNH will attempt to capture the raccoon alive and if anyone has a sighting please get in touch either with SNH or Sue who can pass it on.
Jennifer Haslam - SSE is currently laying underground cables alongside the road between Grudie and Achnasheen to lay new power cables. Residents are concerned this will affect their access. The cables are transporting electricity from the new hydro schemes to Grudie Sub Station. A member of the public commented that she had not received the letter of apology promised by SSE. This was in relation to SSE marking out their driveway without any prior warning. Val MacIver to follow up with SSE.
Eliza Leslie Melville brought up the lorries turning in the lay-by at Lochluichart. It has been agreed that reinstatement work be carried out once work at the new substation at Grudie is completed.
Caroline Gamble brought up the untidy state of the Station Yard at Garve, with rubbish and litter very visible. Kenny MacLean to contact Network Rail.
Kenny MacLean – calendars for blue and green bins are now available on the HC website; dog fouling fines have gone up from £40 to £80 and all dogs must now be micro-chipped.
Consultations: the Police Scotland survey has been extended to the end of April. Members agreed the following response, that the top three policing priorities in our area are speeding, litter/ fly tipping and anti social behaviour. The regular police report is welcome, although it is not received as often as it used to be.
HC West Highlands and Islands Development Plan, which will be known as the “West Plan” – this covers the area west of Garve. It is available on the HC website and there will be public exhibitions. The consultation period is 10 wks and members of the public can make comments. G&DCC agreed to defer their response until the June meeting.
Planning: Two applications have been determined –
Erection of 1.8m high boundary fence land north of Briony, Inchbae - permitted with conditions.
Erection of replacement mast to support 3 antenna, 3 remote radio units, 2 dish antenna and 2 relocated antenna – permitted.
Three new applications have been received -
Installation of 33kV overhead line at Lochrosque – an EIA is not required to reposition the route further down the hill. Members had no comments.
Installation of 500kW hydro electric scheme at Loch Rosque Forest– partially amended pipeline route. Members had no comments.
Erection of poles on 33kV overhead electricity line east of Brooklea, Inchbae. Members had no comments.
Scottish Government section 36 application, Corriemoillie Windfarm to alter turbine capacity. Members had no comments.
Date of Next Meeting:
Tues 3rd May 2016 7pm in Achnasheen Village Hall
Tues 7th June 2016 AGM followed by Ordinary Meeting 7pm in Garve Village Hall
Tues 5th July 2016 7pm in Achnasheen Village Hall

The Chairman thanked all for attending and closed the meeting at 8.45pm.

Draft minutes of Garve & District Community Council meeting held 2nd Feb 2016 in Garve Village Hall

Present: Kenny MacLean (Chairman), Jennifer Haslam (Secretary), Caroline Gamble, Sue Tarr (Minute Sec); Andy Russell (EDF); Val Cameron and Jamie McJimpsey (RVA); Mary MacDonald and George Carson (CAB); 2 members of public.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.
Apologies: Eliza Leslie Melville, Bob Moir, Val MacIver, Cllr Cockburn.
Declarations of Interest: none.

Chairman’s Comments: Condolences are extended to the Plowman family on the tragic death of Angus. Former resident of Achnasheen, Margaret Holland has passed away. Best wishes to Helen Grainge on her recovery. The Chairman was unable to attend the Community Energy Group drop in. About 20 home visits are underway, and another letter will be circulated to see if any more households would like to sign up.
There will be no Church of Scotland service on Easter Sunday (27th Mar). G&DCC now has an events page on the website where local events can be posted.
All G&DCC agendas, minutes and dates of future meetings are available on the website www.community-council.org.uk/garveanddistrict They are also available at Garve PO, on Achnasheen Village notice board, in the AGNV and on the AGNV website, direct from the Secretary on gdcc@fsmail.net or Broadoaks, Grudie Bridge, By Garve IV23 2QB and at every G&DCC meeting.

Approval of the minutes of the meeting held 5th Jan 2016: Proposed by Kenny MacLean and seconded by Jennifer Haslam.

Citizens Advice Bureau: Mary MacDonald and George Carson gave an introduction to the work of CAB. There are offices in Dingwall, Alness and Tain as well as outreach services. They would like to improve the services to the West and would be interested to know what the community thinks would be the best way. Issues dealt with for people include debt, benefits advice, NHS issues, mental health, midwifery, housing issues and other problems. For the ward overall, CAB has helped people claim £45k in financial benefits. George Carson is the Volunteer Coordinator and would like to expand the service in our area as well as recruit volunteers. There are groups of people who find it difficult to get the time to travel to Dingwall, e.g. elderly people, people with no transport or those with young children. CAB could look at having an advisor in the hall on a certain day of the month or week. Advisors are trained on general areas and can call on specialist advisors when required, including legal advice. Volunteers would be welcome.
Members thought it was a good idea and suggested a trial of once a month alternating between Garve and Achnasheen, possibly when the Post Office was open. G&DCC could help with posters advertising the sessions.

Community Needs Survey: Jamie McJimpsey and Val Cameron from Ross-shire Voluntary Action presented apologies for pulling out of the previous presentation at the last minute. They then ran through the RVA bid for the survey. In relation to specific questions from G&DCC, Jamie confirmed that there would be a postcode mail drop helped by local knowledge so that every house was guaranteed to receive a questionnaire. Community mapping would be a part of the questionnaire so there would be a picture of who had responded and where the gaps were. The survey would be well publicised and RVA is confident this method will work. In the event of lack of responses to the survey, there would be follow up with CC volunteer help. A big part of the publicity would be to do effective marketing to generate enthusiasm before the survey starts. To target the youths and young adults, RVA has good links with Dingwall Academy and could form a focus group to train up peer group to become involved in the survey. Social media could be used.
RVA would rely on CC volunteers to provide local knowledge. A good response rate for the survey would be regarded as 55-60%

The Chairman thanked Jamie and Val for attending and they left the meeting.

Members discussed which bid they preferred. Overall it was very close between RVA and Aigas Associates and it was a difficult decision as both would do a good job. Kenny MacLean proposed Aigas Associates; Jennifer Haslam seconded and all agreed.
Members discussed the funding application to LCT. It was generally agreed that G&DCC may have to allow for some extra hours from that quoted to do follow up interviews if the response rate was low, at a rate of 8 interviews per day. This would need to be taken into consideration when making an application. It was suggested that any remainder of money not spent on the survey could be forwarded on to the next stage of the Development Company.
Sue Tarr to find out more details about payment to Aigas before the next meeting, when further application details can be decided.

Approval of minutes of Special Meeting held 19th Jan 2016: proposed by Kenny MacLean and seconded by Jennifer Haslam.

Matters Arising:
EDF update – the weather has been changeable with some snow though not long lasting. 80-85% of the roads have been done and the foundations for the substation are nearly finished. Batching plant parts will be arriving in the coming weeks ready for foundation works starting in April.
The outcome of the application to Section 36 will be determined this month and G&DCC will be notified.
RJ MacLeod has a “no-accident” fund on site which is matched by EDF and would like to encourage local charities to apply. Strathpeffer Primary has received £600.
Public Entertainment License Consultation – the proposed changes have been approved; events such as fireworks displays and raves need a license, which lasts 2-3 years.
Ross & Cromarty Area Committee meets tomorrow.
Garbat Hydro Scheme – changes in Government policy mean that other methods of funding the scheme are being looked at. Crowd funding may mean that the Garve interest is diluted. John Bedwell to keep G&DCC informed.
Broadband – BT has upgraded Garve exchange which should provide a more reliable connection. People have noticed some improvements. The fibre optic rollout has not yet reached Garve but is estimated to reach here July-Dec 2016. BT are assessing options for improving the service for Aultguish and Achnasheen; no real news yet.
SSE – concerns about the access road at Killin have been passed on.
Bus Shelter in Garve – no news.
Gorstan Junction – update from Richard Greene – Transport Scotland, BEAR and HC representatives are looking at all aspects of the junction.
Co-option and Over 60’s Party – there is a notice on the website and in the AGNV requesting ideas for the party and advertising vacancies on G&DCC. Kenny MacLean will fill in the LCT feedback form.
Post Box at Lochluichart – the request to move it has been passed to Royal Mail.
Railway Fence at Loch Garve – there is now a reference no. for this job.
Potholes and drainage problems at Gorstan and Lochluichart Station – HC is aware and will deal with according to priority. Some work has been done on the Gorstan road.
Flooding – there is flooding on the road at Strathbran, with traffic lights in place. There was very bad flooding on the Garve – Tarvie road today.
CC Training Course – Kenny and Sue are able to go on the 22nd Feb in Dingwall.
Police Report: none available.
Press Reports – two speeding drivers at Achanalt have been convicted; one received penalty points and a fine for driving at 109mph and the other received a fine, banned for a year and ordered to re-sit their driving test for driving at 120mph.
Telephone scam – alert over “spoofing” calls where marketing calls are made using a local number.

Treasurer’s Report: (no changes)
Over 60’s party fund £696.77
Bench fund £200.00
Community fund £1,550.70
CC Admin £455.08
Total £2,902.55

The change of signatories is not yet complete.
Fundraising ideas – it was agreed to hold the Produce Show again this year. Jennifer Haslam proposed that an application be made to the RJ Fund for money to cover the cost of cups etc required for the show. Kenny Maclean to apply for £200 to cover these costs.
Other fundraising ideas are welcome.
Correspondence: By Email; Claire Blackwell – Invite to CPP Focus group; George Carson – Ross & Cromarty CAB; Adeline Allan – planning applications received by HC for week ending 7th Jan 2016; Samantha Smith – HTSI 2016 Conference; Claire Blackwell – two upcoming HTSI events; Adeline Allan – planning applications received by HC for week ending 15th Jan 2016; Kristy Wright – PFOW marine plan update; HC – HWLDP consultation deadline reminder (29th Jan 2016); Steve Jones – documents on CC website; Network Rail – Service request notification; Sylvia McMurdo – planning applications received by HC for week ending 22nd Jan 2016; Claire Blackwell – HTSI 2016 Conference update; HC policy – CC training sessions; Sarah Jones – Garve Exchange; Adeline Allan – planning applications received by HC for week ending 29th Jan 2016; Carol Smith – LCT feedback form. By Post – David Mundell MP, Secretary of State for Scotland – Scotland Bill briefing note.

AOB: Sue Tarr raised the issue of water running across the road where the last landslip occurred on the railway bank just west of Garve Hotel. Kenny MacLean to contact Bear to ask what the drainage situation is there. There is also a problem with water running over the road at the “check rail” corner at Blackwater.
Kenny MacLean - copies of the mobile library timetable are available.
Winter maintenance - gritting is done according to priority of roads.
Passenger usage for the four local stations of Garve, Lochluichart, Achanalt and Achnasheen has seen 43% increases in the last 7 years. The railway will be closed all day on Sun 28th Feb for engineering works.
Credit to HC and Bear for dealing with all the flooding on the roads over the last few days.

Date of next meeting: Tues 1st Mar 2016 7pm in Achnasheen Village Hall

Future meetings:
Tues 5th April 2016 7pm Garve Village Hall
Tues 3rd May 2016 7pm Achnasheen Village Hall
Tues 7th June 2016 7pm Garve Village Hall
Tues 5th July 2016 7pm Achnasheen Village Hall

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending, and to the dishwashers, and closed the meeting at 10.45pm.

Draft Minutes of Garve & District Community Council Special Meeting held 19th Jan 2016 Garve Village Hall

Present: Kenny MacLean (Chairman), Jennifer Haslam (Secretary), Eliza Leslie Melville (Treasurer), Caroline Gamble, Sue Tarr (Minute Sec); Amanda Bryan and Jo Ellen (Aigas Associates); Robbie Bain (HC Ward Manager); Grant Folley (EDF); 5 members of public.
The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone.
The special meeting was called under 1.2 of Standing Orders following discussions at the last meeting.
Apologies: Bob Moir, Jamie McJimpsey.
Declarations of Interest: none.

Proposal from Ross-shire Voluntary Action to G&DCC for Community Needs Survey: unfortunately RVA has been unable to attend this meeting due to illness; Sue Tarr to invite them to attend the next G&DCC meeting on 2nd Feb 2016 instead.

Proposal from Aigas Associates:
Amanda Bryan and Jo Ellen gave an outline of their previous experience of working with communities across the Highlands on consultations, reviews and evaluations. Recent projects have included working with the Assynt Foundation and Aigas Community Forest and carrying out Minimum Income Standard for Remote and Rural Scotland research.
The methods proposed for the G&DCC Survey were chosen because of the sparsely populated area. Community meetings followed by a postal survey to all individuals rather than households, and contact with primary and secondary schools as well as targeting any local community group meetings. The full electoral roll will be used. SAE’s and a prize draw voucher will help to get as many returns as possible. A good response rate would be regarded as 30-40% of the targeted population.
Community councillors/ volunteers would help as facilitators at tables during “World CafĂ©” style drop ins. They would receive a short training beforehand on how to get best results without influencing people’s ideas. Analysis of the survey results would be done using a software tool which can break down responses into different categories to highlight differences between for example different age groups within the population.
Comments included that people might not know what they want the money spent on – they need inspiration from other areas to “think big”. Some examples of what other communities have achieved could be given to help prompt ideas. Promotion of the consultation was important to get a good response.
It was felt that if the response rate to the postal survey was low, then further follow up to those individuals who had not responded would be desirable. The cost of this extra time would need to be factored in – allow for 8 interviews per day.
Allowance should be made in the budget for further time spent improving the response rate for the survey if necessary.
Some provision of ideas from other communities should be delivered.

Eliza Leslie Melville – The railway fence along Loch Garve is badly damaged. Sec to contact PC Beverly and Network Rail.
Potholes between Grudie Bridge and Mossford; Lochluichart Station Road and road by the Old Manse at Gorstan are all needing attention. Robbie Bain to deal with.
EDF – Construction work is continuing on crane hard standings and access tracks. EDF has applied to vary some tracks and turbine locations due to issues raised by SEPA such as boggy areas or habitat issues. RJ MacLeod has a no accident fund available for local groups and good causes which they would encourage people to apply to. There have been no accidents on site so the fund is building up.
EDF have contacted LCT to discuss if LCT could manage the community benefit fund and how it would work if that was the chosen route. There will be a community workshop coming up to gather community views on how to manage the fund. The Windfarm should be operating by the end of the year when the fund will become live. There has not been a figure put on the community benefit yet but it will be announced soon.

Date of next meeting:
Tues 2nd Feb 2016 7pm Garve Village Hall
Citizens Advice Bureau will be attending.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.40pm

Friends of Lochluichart Community

Friends of Lochluichart Community’ is a local group whose aims are to encourage community development in and around Lochluichart, to support the conservation, maintenance and restoration of historical and / or other buildings which are important for the local community in and around Lochluichart, and to coordinate community events in and around Lochluichart.
In October 2015 the group was successful in applying for funds from LCT for a specific project at Kinlochluichart Church to convert the vestry to a small community hall and to provide toilet and kitchen facilities.
The location of the church means it is very central to our community, and the vestry has had little use recently other than as a storage area. It was felt that with a little improvement and redecoration and the addition of toilet and kitchen facilities, this space could benefit a wide range of users. The Church of Scotland was pleased to give permission for the community use. As well as being an active place of worship, Kinlochluichart Church is also an historic building with Listed-B status and is one of the famous ‘Telford’ designed parliamentary churches, a number of which were built in the Highlands and Islands with government money in the early 1800s. The building is in a beautiful location and being listed means that any plans need to be considered very carefully so as not to affect the structure of the building or detract from the scenic surroundings.
The hall will accommodate small groups of up to 15, and those wishing to use it will give a donation which makes it very affordable for small groups. The running of the Vestry will be by the Friends of Lochluichart rather than the Church of Scotland.
Work has now started and it is hoped that facilities will all be ready in the next few months when the ‘Friends’ look forward to welcoming visitors. If you would be interested in joining the ‘Friends’ or would like to see what is happening at the Vestry please contact Hazel Keiro on hazelnut1@tesco.net.
The ‘Friends’ would like to thank all those volunteers who have given their time and expertise in bringing this project to fruition and to the Church of Scotland for allowing it to go ahead.
Has anyone got any old pictures of Kinlochluichart Church or Lochluichart area, which we could have or scan as we would like to hang some pictures up in the new Community Hall? Get in touch with Hazel on 01997 414 376 or by email.

Hazel Keiro


Come and Join the AGNV Editorial Team

The AGNV is currently run by a small and enthusiastic team of volunteers. But we need new people URGENTLY because of a number of people stepping down at the next AGM.

Come and join us!

We provide a voice for the community; promote the activity of local schools / community groups; keep everyone informed of the work of the Garve and District Community Council, the Lochluichart Community Trust, Community Broadband and other community Trusts and committees as they arise; and donate any profits to local good causes and/or charities.
The newsletter is self-funded and is delivered free of charge to every household in the community 6 times a year. It does this by raising funds to cover all costs: by selling advertising space, organizing fund-raising events and selling copies through local outlets in Kinlochewe, Contin, Gairloch and Torridon. It relies on the goodwill of committee members and volunteer distributors. It outsources printing to an Inverness –based charity, For The Right Reasons, which works with people affected by alcohol and drugs.
What do you need to take part? Buckets of enthusiasm and a sense of humour; Internet access - most of the work on production is done from team members’ homes given our far-flung community; just a little of your precious time - we have 6 committee meetings per year (in each other’s homes) and 2 -3 fundraising events.
We need people who, as well as providing new ideas, can do any of the following:
Production / publishing – we share this between us in whatever format suits eg Publisher, Word
Administration – typing content, minute-taking, proof-reading
Provide content – encouraging and assisting the community to participate as well as offering your own work
Distribution – delivering the newsletter to houses in the community
Above all, though, it’s very sociable. You get to work with other volunteers on the team, and meet lots of people in the community and around.
So you can get to meet people, have a good fun time, and make use of your skills for the benefit of the community. What could be more satisfying than that?!

Moira Harris